Wonderful Wool

Wonderful woolWool is nature's super fibre.

  • Wool is 100 percent natural. It's fireproof and waterproof – it actually generates heat when wet. It's a natural insulator and is fantastically versatile. From hard-wearing carpets to luxury knitwear and glamorous eveningwear, the versatility of wool is boundless.
  • An average Merino sheep is protected by 60 million fine wool fibres. In ideal conditions its fleece can grow 12 kilometres per day.
  • Samples of all types of wool and the sheep they come from can be viewed right here.
  • We have one of the great Lord of the Rings garments on display – naturally it’s made from pure Wairarapa wool.
  • Our century-old wool sheds are comfortable to browse in because they're well-insulated – by wool, of course.

Join the local spinners and weavers every Wednesday as they ply their craft, converting pure natural wool into warm and stylish clothing.